Single-handedly responsible for defining a sound and building a lexicon of bass music unique to India, Nucleya aka Udyan Sagar is undoubtedly the country’s most popular and influential independent artist. This was most evident in September 2016, when he launched his newest album, ‘Raja Baja’ to a crowd of 12000+ fans at  NSCI Stadium, Mumbai, followed by the most ambitious tour by an Indian independent artist – Reaching 200000 fans across 18 cities. It’s often said that he did for Indian bass what Skrillex did for dubstep in the United States or how Diplo and Major Lazer introduced global bass into the mainstream.

He played at the inaugural edition of the prestigious Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) India and was invited to play at EDC Mexico and the flagship EDC at Las Vegas.

At 16, he formed his first band, Private Soch-alay, which would soon become Bandish Projekt. Soon, under the monicker Nucleya, he found a unique sound and channeled it through his releases: ‘Koocha Monster’, ‘Koocha Monster Remix EP’, ‘Bass Rani’ and ‘Raja Baja’. Along the way he connected with his audiences in spectacular ways, including playing during Mumbai’s famous Ganesh Visarjan festival.

Nucleya has created a sound that is a genre in itself, and anthems that are the soundtrack of a new Indian generation – frenetic, loud and unabashedly Indian.